In this tutorial, you learned how to build a GraphQL server from scratch. The stack you used was based on Node.js, graphql-yoga and Prisma.

graphql-yoga is a fast and simple GraphQL server library built on top of Express.js. It comes with several features, such as out-of-the-box support for GraphQL Playgrounds and realtime GraphQL subscriptions.

The Yoga server is consuming a database layer that’s provided by Prisma. The connection between Prisma and the Yoga server is implemented via Prisma bindings.

You also learned how to leverage additional tools to improve your development workflows, such as graphql-config or the GraphQL CLI.

If you want to dive deeper and become part of the awesome GraphQL community, here are a few resource and community recommendations for you:

  • GraphQL Boilerplates: Starter kits for your next project (backend-only and fullstack)
  • Prisma Blog: The blog regularly features new and interesting content about GraphQL, from community news to technical deep dives and various tutorials.
  • GraphQL Weekly: A weekly GraphQL newsletter with news from the GraphQL ecosystem
  • GraphQL Radio: A podcast where active members from the GraphQL community are interviewed about their work
  • GraphQL Europe: Europe’s biggest gathering of GraphQL enthusiasts happening in the heart of Berlin
  • Prisma Slack: A Slack team with vivid discussions around everything GraphQL & Prisma

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